Sonia Sotomayor second-grader, Eden Hitchcock becomes a published author at only 8-years-old thanks to a nonprofit that builds character through books.
Representatives from PS Publishing and the Books 4 Kids Program visited Sonia Sotomayor Elementary on April 4th to award second-grade student, Eden Hitchcock her prize money and publishing contract.


Eden Hitchcock
Eden Hitchcock
Eden Hitchcock


Eden’s Story, The House, was selected as the winner from 59 submissions in the Write Across America Contest. Students from kindergarten through high school in multiple states competed for a chance to win $250 cash, and a publishing contract.

Ms. Hitchcock, the grand prize winner, will now become the youngest author in the Books 4 Kids program.

When asked her thoughts about winning the contest Eden said,

“I just wanted to be an author when I grow up, and I thought I might as well start with a small book, but I guess it turned out to be bigger than I thought.”

To which Books 4 Kids Program CEO, Coleen Liebsch said,

“Yes it did…you aren’t going to be an author when you grow up. You will already be an author at eight years old.”

Eden’s book, The House, will be the Books 4 Kids Program’s first bi-lingual story with an expected release date of September. The book will be included in the 2019-20 school year catalog.

Along with Eden, Sonia Sotomayor Teacher Librarian, Jenni Egstad also received an award through Books 4 Kids. Egstad was named Books 4 Kids Program Coordinator of the Year. Her efforts to encourage the students writing resulted in 13 submissions and 4 finalists. As the submitting educator, Egstad received a check for $250 in addition to her Coordinator of the Year plaque.

Books 4 Kids is a 501 c3 nonprofit that builds character through books. The program provides a mini book fair that brings the author to the students to read, share their character-building book, answer student questions and ultimately leave every student their own copy of the book – for free! The program’s mission is rooted in the idea of inclusion. Books 4 Kids gives every child the opportunity to “fit in” equally and bonds classmates.

Congratulations Jenni, Eden and everyone at Sonia Sotomayor Elementary.

Surprise announcement at Sonia Sotomayor