The Sioux Falls School District Calendar Committee, comprised of parents, administrators from each level, employees from every employment group and School Board members, is recommending the 2018-2019 school year begin on Thursday, August 23, 2018.

The District conducted surveys of parents, students and staff members regarding preferences for the school start date. Then, the District held two community input sessions and opened a public survey on the District’s website to gather feedback from all stakeholders. The majority of respondents indicated a desire for the school year to begin before Labor Day, with most respondents suggesting school begin 10 days before Labor Day. The Calendar Committee chose a compromised date which would begin school on a Thursday while offering a four-day weekend for the Labor Day holiday.

Many factors were considered in the calendar discussion – first and foremost, survey results and community input. The District also looked at surrounding community start dates and other comparable districts throughout the region. Another priority was making first and second semesters similar in length and meeting the desires of students to complete semester tests before the December holiday break.

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2018-2019 Calendar