Every Student. Every Day. Attendance Matters.

Because student attendance has a proven correlation to academic success, an important part of the Sioux Falls School District’s comprehensive strategic plan is to increase student attendance by five percent by 2020.

Since there are many root causes for attendance challenges, including poverty, physical or mental health challenges and difficult family situations, there is no singular solution. Sioux Falls School District administrators from many departments are working with individual schools, community groups, parents and students to increase attendance rates at all levels. The District has created posters, public service announcements, videos and other materials emphasizing the importance of attendance. A Tier of Interventions has been developed to help meet the needs of students with attendance challenges before absence ever becomes an issue. The District has partnered with physical and mental health providers to develop means to assist families when absences are caused for these reasons. Additionally, the District is working with courts, police and prosecutors to develop clear guidelines for truancy offenses.

This work will continue as a District-level Attendance Council will keep the topic of attendance at the forefront of building, District and community wide discussions, and school teams will continue to develop a culture of supporting good attendance in the years to come.

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