Flu Shot Clinics

Student Flu Shot Clinic

We recommend all students and staff get the flu shot with their health care provider. Healthcare providers offer a smaller individualized setting, which lessens the risk of Covid-19 transmission. We will hold flu shots clinics for those who cannot get the flu shot with their provider. We will follow CDC recommendations for vaccine clinics in the community setting.

If you will attend an SFSD flu shot clinic please be aware of the following:

  • All attendees are expected to wear a mask
  • All attendees are expected to social distance when entering, during, and when leaving the clinics
  • Please pay attention to signs and follow the flow of traffic
  • The wait time could be longer due to the need to space attendees out

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Ignite Magazine of 2020-2021

Ignite 2020-2021

The Sioux Falls School District is a proud reflection of this community. Recognizing and appreciating the increasing diversity of its students and the 90+ languages spoken in the homes of our students, the District commits daily “to educate and prepare each student to succeed in a changing world.”

Further, we commit to consistently and genuinely embedding racially diverse perspectives and practices into decisionmaking and actions. Understanding, peace, and justice for all will guide the teaching and learning so that each student can achieve their highest potential. Take a look at our Insite Magazine to meet Superintendent Dr. Stavem, see the updates on the bond projects, and view our student demographics!


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