Jane Hannemann, Principal
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YOU are what makes All-City Elementary a unique place for your child to learn and grow. Your child gets to learn in an environment where the teachers truly know your child on an individual basis. From monthly choice day activities to special events throughout the year, family members are encouraged on many levels to be involved as much as they choose at All-City Elementary.

All-City Elementary (K-5) can provide an enriching learning experience for your child - both inside and outside the classroom. ACE maximizes the potential for learning through a combination of academic strategies and involvement. We work hard to achieve the ACE mission, which is to work together - to maximize individual potential - to make the world a better place. If you choose ACE, not only will your child or children benefit, you will too! By choosing ACE, you are joining a community of parents who actually see how the investment of time in education can impact their children's future. Read more about the list of ACE benefits.