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Welcome to New Technology High

Learning at Sioux Falls New Technology High School is designed around problems or projects intended to engage students in meaningful learning experiences. Students are expected to master content and skills through the application of discovery learning and actively engaging research. Working collaboratively, students and facilitators work to produce end products that illustrate student knowledge. With the integration of multiple technologies and collaborative tools, students are immersed in an academic environment that mirrors the professional work world. Students are issued a Chromebook that can be taken home, allowing students access to the web-based learning management program - Echo. This access allows them greater collaborative avenues and gives parents a transparent window into their student’s work.

At Sioux Falls New Technology High School, students and facilitators take great ownership and pride in the professional environment and familial level of care and concern invested in one another within our unique school setting. There are four pillars that all stakeholders commit to up holding during their time at New Tech

Transfer Students

At Sioux Falls New Technology High School (SFNTHS), we...

  • Respect ourselves, each other and our world
  • Take Responsibility for our words and actions
  • Exhibit Trust by doing what is right in an honest manner
  • Demand Excellence of ourselves and others

Students will be expected to...

  • Take rigorous, college and career preparatory courses in project-based or problem-based learning
  • Respectfully collaborate with peers each day
  • Demonstrate high levels of professionalism, including dressing professionally during presentations
  • Present their learning in front of class, community partners, guests/visitors
  • Complete 40 hours of community service
  • Participate in a professional level internship senior year
  • Explore tuition-free, college-level course opportunities at STI during junior and senior years

How do I apply?

  1. Call and set up an appointment for a tour (605) 367.5850
  2. Complete the application and send to New Tech:

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Fax: (605) 367.5852
  3. Acceptance Notification The lottery wait-list is reviewed at the end of each semester to fill any slots that have opened. If your name is drawn from the wait-list, you will receive notification by mail or by phone.

New Students

Tuition-Free courses through STI (only offered to NTH students), State of South Dakota’s Dual Enrollment program ($40 per credit pending legislative approval on on-going basis) Across All Grades - 40 Hours (10 hours per year) Community Service.

Dual Credit Opportunities: Tuition-Free classes at Southeast Technical Institute. Students at New Technology High School can take Tuition-Free credit (both high school and college credit) courses at Southeast Technical Institute. Students are financially responsible for the cost of the textbook associated with the course, but do not have to pay tuition—a savings of about $400 per course. Courses that are guaranteed to transfer to any South Dakota Board of Regents university are: Speech, Composition, College Algebra, General Psychology and Social Problems. Students can take other courses available at STI, but are encouraged to contact the university they want to attend after graduation for credit transfer information.

New Student Information



Data Information

Achieving our mission, to educate and prepare each student to succeed in a changing world, hinges on our ability to continually improve the effectiveness of our schools. Multiple factors impact student achievement and serve as indicators of effective schools. This Data Profile Directory is prepared to provide parents, educators, and the community with a data profile of various school effectiveness indicators. The directory should be used as one source of data for identifying a school's present status, assessing overall student progress, and planning for continual school improvement.


Each year the South Dakota Department of Education (SD DOE) releases a report card showing the performance of schools across the state. The report card includes information about academic achievement, student attendance for grades K-8, graduation rate for high schools, and professional staff qualifications. These criteria are used to determine the school’s performance index, or SPI.

Although the federal and state governments require building and district-level accountability measures, the District closely monitors the individual progress of each student to ensure that each student is being prepared to succeed in a changing world. By reviewing their student’s quarterly report card, attending Parent Teacher Conferences in the fall and spring, and contacting teachers with questions or concerns parents will have the best picture of how their children are progressing.


All schools in the District are submitting their School Improvement Plan to the Board for approval prior to submitting them to the State. The Plans, developed by a team of parents, community members and staff, serve as a roadmap for future planning and professional development and measure student achievement.

Each school has a building leadership team that meets regularly throughout the year to guide the development, implementation, and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan. Building leadership teams divide the larger plan into smaller segments with the following focuses: staff roles, goals, meetings summary, data processes, priorities and strategies, and the professional development plan.

This document guides the work in order to meet the District’s mission, priority statements from the Strategic Plan, and the achievement goals set by the South Dakota Department of Education.


Fall Enrollment